Scott Clarke and Jenn Ward
Sion Hill Plantation House
Sion Hill, St James, Barbados


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Wedding Details

We are having a little wedding filled with a LOT of LOVE.
Our focus is on the details that will make it a very special night to remember; for us and for you, our guests.

Starting with the dress code and ending with a few new traditions! We do need your help to make it all happen, so read through the details and remember that it is going to be a special evening so please play along.                                      xo Jenn & Scott

Getting here:
What to expect:

Flat shoes or wedges are suggested for our garden event. 
Sion Hill Plantation can be windy and a few degrees colder at night.


Parking will be available on grass a short walk from Sion Hill.


Overseas guests are encouraged to contact Jenn if accomodation info or car rentals are required. 

Your prompt arrival is very much appreciated. Our ceremony will be brief and on time, you dont want to miss the main event. 


Parking and further arrival info will be emailed to you closer to the big day.

Gift Registry

While your presence is more than enoughshould you wish to give us a little something, we would very much appreciate your monetary gifts. Our online registry allows you to choose items to donate towards. Each one will give us a great start at our new life together. 


Stuck for Ideas?
The photos below should help you see our vision...

Our wedding will have a theme colour scheme.
We would love you to be a part of it.

Dress Code

Elegantly Casual in neutral tones. 

(Greys, beiges, pastels, neutral browns, sparkly silver or gold, even white is encouraged)
Jackets not required. Flat shoes suggested. 

We will be having some really amazing photos taken with our entire wedding guest crowd. Dressing in our "theme colour scheme" will make our photos elegantly spectacular. We want our guests to be part of our decor, If that means you are a little more glam than usual, or slightly on the casual side, we would very much appreciate your keeping to the colour scheme. Please do your best.

Morgan wedding, sparklers on wharf 70k_edited

Wedding Events

Mar 14, 2016

7:00 pm

Family meet and greet

Overseas immediate family members and wedding party dinner @ Sion Hill Plantation (Invitation Only)

Mar 19, 2016

6:00 pm Sharp

Wedding Ceremony (the main event!)

Wedding ceremony followed by garden cocktail reception @ Sion Hill Plantation  (Invitation Only)

Mar 20, 2016

2:00 pm onward

Beach after party

We are having a small wedding and would therefore like to invite our extended group of friends and family from Barbados to come congratulate us and have a relaxing day on the sand @ Copacabana, Bay Street  (All friends and family welcome)

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